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Art Notes

A series of short, bite-sized articles that provide concise explanations of various subjects relating to artists, art genres and printmaking.

PR-1301, Jason Karolak, Oehme Graphics
The Qualities Of Carborundum Prints
L’ Atre (the Hearth). by Edouard Vuillard
Developments of Printmaking in the 1800s
Wayne Thiebaud Cakes
Wayne Thiebaud Cakes
Robert Motherwell
Abstract Expressionism In Art
Characteristics Of Expressionism In Printmaking
Henri Matisse Jazz
Printmakers To Know | Max Beckmann
Josef Albers Colour Theory
Characteristics Of Surrealism In Printmaking
Printmakers To Know | Jean-Émile Laboureur
How has Albrect Dürer influenced the art world?
Characteristics of Pop Art In Printmaking
Die Brücke
The Impact Of Pablo Picasso On Artists
Robert Rauschenberg Quiz
The Characteristics Of German Expressionism In Printmaking
Portrait of a Boy in Profile by Harmensz van Rijn Rembrandt
Prints in the 1600s' Art World
Marc Chagall Signed Lithographs
Characteristics Of Impressionism In Printmaking