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The marechal de Schomberg et les Militaires  - Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki prints

The marechal de Schomberg et les Militaires

By Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki

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The marechal de Schomberg et les Militaires  - Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki print

Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki

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Date: 1792

Medium: etching

Edition size: limited

Image size: 18,8 x 12,3 cm

Sheet size: 18,8 x 12,3 cm

Condition: excellent

Signature: signed

Price: €650 (incl. taxes)


Lit: Engelmann 1857, No. 918 I; Bauer 1982 No. 973; Wormsbächer 1988, p. 99; Professionally mounted under acid-free museum passepartout.Between 1782 and 1799 nine volumes of a historical work on the Huguenots in Prussia-Brandenburg were published. It was published by Jean-Pierre Erman (1735-1814) and Pierre Chretien Frederic Reclam (1741-1789) under the title "Memoires pour servir a l'histoire des Refugies francois dans les Etats du roi". In extensive research, the authors asked the descendants of the refugee families who were to provide information about the history of the Huguenots in Prussia. In 1685 about 20,000 Huguenots, who had been expelled from France by the abolition of the Nantes tolerance dictate, had sought refuge in Prussia and were settled there in colonies under the "Great Elector" Friedrich Wilhelm. The extensive "Memoires" were not only intended to recall the tolerance and generosity of the Prussian Elector, but also to emphasize the special economic role of the immigrant Huguenots for Prussia, since many merchants and scholars were among them who helped to develop this rather backward country. In each volume an etching by Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki illustrates a central scene from the work. This sheet was intended for the last volume. The moment is depicted in which Franz Armand Herzog von Schomberg introduces the men among the Huguenots to the Elector who entered Brandenburg's service as soldiers to fight against France on the Prussian side. Towards the end of his life, the experienced artist shows once again how much he owes to his early illustrations of theatre plays by choosing a way of representation that could also present a scene at the theatre: The elector, who is limited to listening, is shown as a back figure that in a sense reflects the position of the viewer. He is not a direct actor, but rather receives the report of his duke, who stands freely in front of the group of exiled persons set up in rows parallel to the picture, which closes off the pictorial space to the rear. Chodowiecki's composition brings peace to the mass scene and concentrates the focus on the Duke, who is shown in a clearly visible gesture of speech. The content of his speech can only be deduced from reading the text. A special feature are the marginal ideas, samples of the artist, who gives free rein to his drawing fantasy here. They were of course erased for the final printing on the plate, which makes this sheet a rarity.


Catalogue raisonné: Engelmann


, classicism, history


Very good condition

Chod/D 1249

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