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Melancholie III - Edvard Munch prints

Melancholie III

By Edvard Munch

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Melancholie III - Edvard Munch print

Edvard Munch

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Reference: Woll 203 III 4 (of 7)

Date: 1902

Medium: woodcut

Edition size: edion size unrecorded

Image size: 37.5 x 46.4 cm

Sheet size: 47 x 57.8 cm

Condition: excellent

Signature: signed

Price: poa


This monumental woodcut is one of the icons of the imagery of Edvard Munch.
The theme of this work appears to have begun with an incident relating to his friend Jappe Nielsen, who, characteristic of Munch’s close-knit circle of friends was caught in a love triangle with Oda and Christian Krohg.

One evening I walked alone along the seashore. It sighed and sucked around the stones. Long grey clouds streaked the horizon. It looked as if everything was dead – as in another world. A landscape of death. Life began over there by the landing stage. There was a man and a woman – and there came another man. With oars over his shoulder. And the boat was tied up down there – ready to leave. She resembled her. I felt it as a strong pain in my chest – if only she were here now. I know for sure she is far away – but nevertheless I recognise her movements. That ́s the way she used to stand. With her arm upon her hip. God – heavenly God. Have pity on me – please don ́t let it be her. There they are going down. She and he are going over to the island over there. In the pale summernight they will walk over there between the trees, arm in arm. The air is so soft. It must be wonderful to be in love now. The boat became smaller and smaller. The sound of the dipping oars could be heard across the surface of the sea. He was alone – the waves rolled up towards him monotonously – and it sucked and sighed between the stones. (Munch text in the Munch Museet, Oslo).

Developing this subject through sketches, oils and an earlier woodcut, the work culminated in this powerful woodcut of 1902 which Munch continued to develop in striking colour combinations over the next few years.

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