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Lato Sinistro - Giovanni Anselmo prints

Lato Sinistro

By Giovanni Anselmo

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Lato Sinistro - Giovanni Anselmo print

Giovanni Anselmo

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Date: 2007

Medium: crayon

Edition size: 9

Sheet size: 46x40x1,5 cm

Condition: pristine

Signature: signed

Price: poa


Lato sinistro, 1977 – 2007

Jet of graphite on cotton paper, mounted on canvas

Signed and numbered on the reverse
Published by Marco Noire, 2007

Lato Sinistro was done in 1977.
In 1970 the Artist drew Lato Destro (right side), in which there is also a photographic version. Anselmo shows us his face as it is, and as only he sees it in the mirror.
The artist's experience transforms how we are used to seeing things.

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