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Yui, Suruga - Kawase  Hasui prints

Yui, Suruga

By Kawase Hasui

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Yui, Suruga - Kawase  Hasui print

Kawase Hasui

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Date: 1934

Medium: woodblock

Edition size: n/a

Sheet size: 38.8 by 26.2 cm

Condition: pristine

Signature: signed

Price: $1600 (excl. taxes)


From the series "Selection of Views of the Tokaido," signed Hasui with artist's seal Kawase, the print title at the center of the bottom margin, Ushibori no yugure, dated to the right, Showa gonnen saku (made in Showa 5 [1930]), with carver and printer's seals on left margin, Horiko Maeda (carver), Suriko Komatsu (printer), and publisher's name at lower left, Sakai Kawaguchi kohan, ca. 1930

dai oban tate-e 17 1/4 by 11 7/8 in., 43.7 by 30.3 cm

From 1929 to 1930 the publishers Kawaguchi and Sakai issued sixteen woodblock prints by Kawase Hasui. Of those sixteen, eleven are known to have been issued first in a limited edition of 100 impressions, hand-numbered on a paper label attached to the verso; followed by second limited edition of 350 hand-numbered within a stamped seal on verso, and then later unnumbered impressions (with Sakai and Kawaguchi seals) are considered part of a third edition. However, this design is one of five issued in a first edition of 350 (forgoing the 'paper label' edition of 100). Shortly after the first, second, and sometimes third editions were produced, the partnership between Sakai and Kawaguchi was dissolved, with Kawaguchi retaining the blocks and issuing later unnumbered editions under his name alone. While this impression has both Sakai and Kawaguchi publisher seals as well as the carver and printer seals, it is not numbered on verso, and as such, it is from the second edition issued before the publishers parted ways. ", signed Hasui with artist's seal Kawase, the print title on the left margin, Suruga Yui-cho, followed by the date, Showa kyunen nigatsu saku (made in Showa 9 [1934], 2nd month), and publisher's seal on the right margin, Hanken shoyu fukyo mosha Watanabe Shozaburo (Copyright ownership reproduction not allowed without permission, Watanabe Shozaburo), ca. February 1934

oban tate-e 15 1/4 by 10 3/8 in., 38.8 by 26.2 cm

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