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Modern Children at Play - Kikugawa  Eizan prints

Modern Children at Play

By Kikugawa Eizan

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Modern Children at Play - Kikugawa  Eizan print

Kikugawa Eizan

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Date: 1814

Medium: woodblock, woodcut/woodblock/ukiyo-e

Edition size: n/a

Sheet size: oban tate-e triptych 79.2 by 38.9 cm

Condition: excellent

Signature: signed

Price: $6500 (excl. taxes)


each sheet signed Kikugawa Eizan hitsu, with censor's seal kiwame (approved), and publisher's Tsuruki (crane) seal (Tsuruya Kiemon of Senkakudo), ca. 1814-17

oban tate-e triptych 31 1/8 by 15 3/8 in., 79.2 by 38.9 cm

A group of five young women with five children are on an outing to celebrate the New Year. The resplendently dressed beauties appear to be a combination of two courtesans, one at far right holding the hand of a girl, and one in the center with a small boy on her back who holds a miniature kite-type toy, together with three junior companions wearing their hair in a more youthful fashion with red fabric bows. The girl on the far left wears a black furisode ('swinging sleeves') kimono, a style associated with shinzo (teenaged apprentice) courtesans, bearing the tsurumon (crane crest) of Tsuruya Kiemon, the publisher of the print. She adjusts a hairpin while looking up at a shuttlecock in the air near the New Years decoration of kadomatsu ('gate pine') of pine and bamboo. Two of the girls hold hanetsuki (paddles) and one holds a shuttlecock near her mouth. Meanwhile the largest boy at far right holds the string to a large kite marked with the kanji for dragon which two of the other boys are preparing to release on his command. They are enjoying traditional New Year amusements: playing shuttlecock for girls, flying kites for boys.

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