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Nitrolian - Leonetto Cappiello prints


By Leonetto Cappiello

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Nitrolian - Leonetto Cappiello print

Leonetto Cappiello

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Date: 1929

Medium: lithograph

Edition size: Imp. Devambez, Paris

Sheet size: 159.8 x 119.0 cm

Condition: pristine

Signature: signed

Price: poa


Medium: Vintage lithograph poster, linen backed.

Good To Know: Linen backed, stretched on wooden box frame, condition report available upon request.

Arty-Fact: "Watching paint dry” may epitomise unbearable boredom; but with this image of red paint being applied a mere step ahead of advancing feet, Cappiello makes it clear that the Belgian NITROLIAN paint is dry in a flash and ready for business.

Source: “Cappiello: The Posters of Leonetto Cappiello” by Jack Rennet, 2004

Did you notice the mirror image on the paint can?

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