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Bontanka Sho-Kaku - Totoya Hokkei prints

Bontanka Sho-Kaku

By Totoya Hokkei

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Bontanka Sho-Kaku - Totoya Hokkei print

Totoya Hokkei

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Date: 1820

Medium: woodcut/woodblock/ukiyo-e

Edition size: n/a

Sheet size: 20,8x18,0 cm

Condition: pristine

Signature: signed

Price: poa


Series: A Gathering of the Elders of Poetry
Shoshikai Bantsukushi

Issued by the Hanazono-ren Poetry Club.
The Poem is by Hyakuten-sha Baicho.

The gentleman, who is reading a poem, sitting on a ox, is the Chinese court poet Botanka (i.e. peony), an immigrant from Japan. The ox is decorated with peony blossoms, symbol of nobility and prosperity. The same subject has been depicted by Hokkei in another surimono preserved at the Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst, Berlin.

Very fine impression with metallic printing, pristine colour, very good condition.

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