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A.R. Penck is a German Neo-Expressionist known for his painterly language of simplified figures and symbols. With nods to primitivist and Art Brut styles, the self-taught artist developed his painting and sculpture techniques after rejection from art academies in East Berlin during the 1950s. His graphic language emerged as a response to social and political control—to attempt to give a voice to the individual within the collective. Born Ralf Winkler October 5, 1939 in Dresden, Germany, he adopted his moniker from the geologist Albrecht Penck to evade East German authorities. A friend of fellow German painters Jörg Immendorf and Georg Baselitz, Penck smuggled his work across the divide to show his work in Cologne in 1968, before he settled in West Berlin in 1980. The artist and musician currently lives and works between Dublin, Ireland and Düsseldorf, Germany.

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