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Lord K2 is a London born artist who attended the London College of Printing and then moved on to study business. Having spent a large portion of his working life trading stocks from his laptop and travelling extensively he has had the opportunity to witness how institutions and global economies truly function. This enabled him to make enough for himself to suspend work and move into art. He took to the streets as this is where his audience was, and stencil graffiti was what he was drawn to. Having learned his skills in Buenos Aires and after spending over 2 years in Latin America he is now planting his seeds in New York. He rarely signs his work on the streets and varies his art so is difficult to trace. However, he is now working on collections sprayed on canvas and sustainable materials which he finds on the streets.

Lord K2 is a prominent figure in the graffiti community worldwide. His art deeply relates to themes recurring in the street art culture, such as human beings becoming victims of mass consumerism and humans becoming commodities, or cyberpunk-meets-1984 subjects like technology taking more and more control over each individual�s privacy and personal life: �the baby has a microchip in his head. Will this be the norm in 2030?�, reflects the artist in his �2030� piece.

�Digital Multiplication� delves into the phenomenal progress of genetic science and its underlying moral contradictions: �are humans evolving into clones?�.

�Pele� reflects on struggling to become a champion and to remain at number one: �If you are the first, you are the first. If you are second, you are nothing�. Victory is a temporarily relief, but defeat will hurt you much more than victory will make you happy. And, you have to fight to hold the throne.

Lord K2 stencil art is executed with spray paint on canvas or more unconventional supports such as wood, other than on the street.

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