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Portrait of a Lady on Fire 2 by Aleksandra Domanović

Portrait of a Lady on Fire 2
by Aleksandra Domanović

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Edition Size: 11

Sheet Size: 60 x 80 cm


Condition: Pristine


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In the edition series “Portrait of a Lady on Fire 1-24” Aleksandra Domanović filters observations she’s made on a recent film called Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2020) through the political, ideological, and even sexual energies bound within the acts of seeing and perceiving. The film is ostensibly about a female painter commissioned to make a portrait of a women for a potential suitor to consider. We see the women see each other, and we wonder about how they perceive one another. It’s a study on the female gaze, the social contexts that proscribe it, and the sexual tension that steadily grows through it. How these women perceive each other changes the more they see each other. Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a manifestation of the power, love, romance, and control in a world without men.

Text by Carson Chan

The edition is a silkscreen print on Munken Cream paper 300 g/m2.
Signed, numbered and dated
Price is exclusive of framing and montage

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