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Composition iii by Alexander Calder

Composition iii
by Alexander Calder

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Colour Lithograph


Edition Size: From the edition of 150 plus 25 E.A.

Sheet Size: Measuring 75 x 55.5 (framed) cm


Condition: Excellent


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Signed (bottom right) and numbered (bottom left), in pencil, with drystamp of the publisher. American sculptor Alexander Calder was fascinated by movement and balance throughout his mechanical engineering and artistic careers. Often credited with inventing the mobile, the artist utilised his scientific knowledge of forces to create works that seemed to defy logic. His favoured sketching mediums were wire and pliers; he carried them with him as though they were pen and paper for when inspiration hit.

The Artist

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder was one of America’s most influential sculptors. He is known for his vibrant and playful public works as well as many moving sculptures which inquire into the nature of chance. Calder was born into an artistic family in Pennsylvania in 1898. He studied mechanical engineering at the Stevens Institute of Technology in 1915. He subsequently worked as a draftsman for the Edison Company, and a hydraulic engineer.

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