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  • Di-faced Tenner by Banksy

Di-faced Tenner
by Banksy

Available at Lougher Contemporary



Edition Size: Unknown

Sheet Size: 7.62x14.61 cm


Condition: Pristine

Price on Application

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British street artist Banksy is known for his irreverent humour and critically witty pieces. Di-Faced Tenner is a counterfeit ten-pound note, where the artist replaces a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with one of Diana, Princess of Wales. On the back, below Charles Darwin, the text reads “TRUST NO ONE” and “Bank of England” has been changed to “Banksy of England”.

Please note that these are neither signed nor numbered. Banksy’s authentication board, Pest Control, do not issue Certificates of Authenticity (COA) for the Di-Faced Tenners and as such this particular work does not come with a COA. I will however guarantee that the work is authentic, with the provenance being Lazarides Gallery. It is in mint condition and has never been framed or displayed.

Please contact the gallery with any questions.

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