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  • Daisies by Blanche Lazzell

Daisies by Blanche Lazzell

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Color Woodcut


Edition Size: Clarkson lists an edition of 4

Image Size: 12 x 12 inches

Sheet Size: 15-5/8 x 13-1/2 inches

Reference: Clarkson 91


Condition: Fair

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Rare color white-line woodcut done in 1932 in Morgantown, West Virginia. Listed in the John Clarkson catalogue of her work in 1989 as number 91, in an edition of 4. This impression was originally purchased from the New York art dealer Martin Diamond who began working with the Lazzell estate in the early 1980’s.

Condition: This impression, as originally purchased, has been extensively conserved. The sheet of paper is lined with a thin Japanese paper and there is a repaired tear in paper extending to beneath the signature and in the margin in the upper left; some of the inks have run, leaving the image without the crisp edge noteworthy of a white-line woodcut.

Because of her importance in American printmaking and the rarity of her work, Blanche Lazzell is the most sought-after American color woodcut artist.


The Artist

Blanche Lazzell

Blanche Lazzell was an American painter, printmaker and designer. Known especially for her white-line woodcuts, she was an early modernist American artist, bringing elements of Cubism and abstraction into her art.

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