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Intervals 3; Blue/Green, Orange/Blue, Green/Purple by Bridget Riley

Intervals 3; Blue/Green, Orange/Blue, Green/Purple by Bridget Riley





Edition Size: 75

Sheet Size: 55 x 38 (each) cm


Condition: Excellent

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This exquisite triptych of prints refers directly to a group of paintings known as the Intervals series. Begun by Riley in 2018, they are an extension of her lifelong fascination with the way we perceive and experience colour in the world.

Each composition is defined by five blocks of four coloured stripes in muted purple, turquoise, green and orange, divided and bounded by the white of the unprinted paper. Alternating passages of contrast and harmony within each segment suggest the flow of music, and by varying the arrangement of colours Riley controls the speed at which we process the image. The percussive clarity of the white intervals affords the composition a sense of flawless control and poise, condensing an entire spectrum of sensation into an elegant and immutable order.

Riley’s work, while nominally abstract, has always been the result of an intense engagement with the natural world and the visual phenomena within it. In these prints we can find water, earth, air and vegetation all distilled down to their most essential forms. Some of her most recent prints, the Intervals series is a fabulous expression of an artist at the peak of her powers.


The Artist

Bridget Riley

English artist Bridget Riley is renowned for her contribution to the Op Art movement. Her flagship works deploy optical illusions using black and white geometric patterns. Her early pieces nearly all used black and white, with the occasional addition of grayscale tones. As her career developed she began introducing colours in to her work, and she would experiment with how the addition of different colours in patterns lent a sense of movement to her pieces. Riley travelled extensively and drew inspiration from the places she visited, particularly with regard to the colours she chose to work with. Shadow Play, an oil on canvas that she produced in 1990, was heavily influenced by Riley’s interest in the Egyptian hieroglyphs in the 1980s. She is also well known for her murals, which have been created for museums in Paris and London.

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