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  • Male Gaze (CD1050) by Carroll Dunham

Male Gaze (CD1050)
by Carroll Dunham

Available at f-zero Project


Cliché verre salt print


Edition Size: 5 + 2 AP, 1 PP, 1 BAT

Image Size: 10 x 8 inches

Sheet Size: 20 x 16 inches


Condition: Pristine

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Male Gaze is a suite of eight hand-drawn cliché verre salt prints. The prints are available individually. A special cliché verre colophon drawn by the artist is included with purchase of the full set.

Printed and published by The ƒ/Ø Project.

Dunham has a decades-long practice as a printmaker, yet this marks his first exploration with historic photographic printing techniques.

Dunham’s work often critically examines gender stereotypes and performance. This suite is the first time that Dunham has depicted male and female figures together. The “gaze” is a metaphor for normative power dynamics and scrutinizes the way they are represented in visual culture. Each of the eight images is a variation on the same picture which becomes the armature on top of which Dunham constructs and re-constructs this perennial story.

The cliché verre technique dates to the 1850s and starts with a sheet of glass covered with candle soot, through which the artist draws revealing the clear glass beneath. This is then treated like a photographic negative, from which prints are made. While technically photographic, Dunham considers this project part of his extensive exploration of approaches to printmaking since the mid-1980s. Dunham drew on the glass plates with pencils, nails, styluses, rags and sandpaper, likening the feeling of making marks on the soot-covered plates to “drawing in air with light.” The apparent repetitiveness of the imagery is belied by the variety of effects the process affords, and the photographic nature of the end result places the images “in”, as opposed to “on”, the paper, in a manner that is quite unusual in the context of more conventional printmaking.

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