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Merce Cunningham by Chuck Close

Merce Cunningham
by Chuck Close

Available at Bernard Jacobson Gallery (IFPDA)


Colour Coupler Print


Edition Size: 40

Sheet Size: 91.5 x 76.5 cm


Condition: Pristine


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Chuck Close

Merce Cunningham (Merce Cunningham Dance Company 50th Anniversary Photography Portfolio)


Colour pigment print, edition of 40

91.5 x 76.5  cms (36 x 30 1/8  ins)


The Merce Cunningham Dance Company 50th Anniversary Portfolio is a collection of signed and numbered prints donated to the Merce Cunningham Dance Company by eight of the world’s most important photographers living and working today. The photographs have been printed to the specifications of each of the artists, in a edition of 40.

The Artist

Chuck Close

As an American painter and photographer, Chuck Close is most famous for his photo-realist works. In honing the techniques of this particular style, his photo-based pieces mainly depict the subject of the human face. The majority of his paintings are created on a massive scale. In mastering the crafts of photography, tapestries and printmaking, he is recognised in his industry for his unique combinations of photography and painting.

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