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  • Museum of Modern Art 1986 (Untitled A on 3 sheets) by Francesco Clemente

Museum of Modern Art 1986 (Untitled A on 3 sheets) by Francesco Clemente

Petersburg Press

Offset Lithograph


Edition Size: Limited run

Sheet Size: 28x120 inches


Condition: Excellent

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This three-part work spanning 10 feet was printed from the plates of Francesco Clemente’s mythological landscape Untitled A on the occasion of the 1986 MoMA, New York show of Clemente’s The Departure of the Argonaut. The exhibit presented the entire contents of the large-scale volume published in 1986 by Petersburg Press, for which Clemente embellished 48 text folios of Alberto Savinio’s wartime diary. Bold red lettering reads: Alberto Savinio The Departure of the Argonaut Francesco Clemente The Museum of Modern Art November 6th 1986 – February 10th, 1987. This poster is not previously owned and comes directly from the archives of the publisher, Petersburg Press.


The Artist

Francesco Clemente

Francesco Clemente is an Italian artist whose work spans the globe. His focus is oil painting, pastels, watercolours, and printmaking. He’s produced frescos, graphics and mosaics, and also worked in sculpture. Francesco Clemente is part of the contemporary art movement, and many of his pieces are fragmentary, nomadic, and non-linear. Francesco Clemente began his career in the 1970s when he studied architecture for a short time at the University of Rome, and then went on to exhibit his drawings across Europe. His travels around the world, particularly to India, Tibet, and New York, culturally influenced many of his pieces. Clemente has had his work featured in a large number of international group and solo art exhibitions, including at Tokyo’s Sezon Museum of Art, The Royal Academy in London, and New York’s Guggenheim Museum. In 1998, his work was shown in the movie “Great Expectations”.

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