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Recipe for Humanity by Grayson Perry RA

Recipe for Humanity by Grayson Perry RA



Mixed Media


Edition Size: 250

Dimensions: 48.5 x 36.5 cm


Condition: Excellent

Details — Click to read
Embroidery, signed and numbered on verso.

‘Recipe for Humanity’ is a limited edition embroidery sampler produced for ‘The Charms of Lincolnshire’, curated by Grayson Perry. The exhibition wove a narrative three-dimensional poem between new works by Perry, and historical artefacts selected by the artist from the museums of Lincolnshire.

Sewing was a common past time in the Victoria era. It was something all girls were taught from an early age and expected to be able to do as a lady. Samplers, always a record of stitches, recorded a life event, right of passage, or life history. Their messages are often religious, poetic and moving. Recipe for Humanity features a verse written by Perry siting his givens of existence:

You will die, you are alone
There is no god upon his throne
Impose thy will upon earth’s mess
Else your life is meaningless
No hell below, no heaven above,
Live life now and act with love.


The Artist

Grayson Perry RA

Grayson Perry started pottery lessons at the Central Institute, his first exhibition was in London. He developed motifs and images that conveyed his feelings for sadomasochism, bandage and transvestism. He was awarded the Turner Prize in 2003, the first time it was ever given to a ceramic artist.

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