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Jem Southam Biography

Photographer Jem Southam is a critcally respected English landscape photographer. Photographing the same locations, predominately in the South West of England where he lives and works, over the months and years with a large format camera, he observes the balance between nature and man’s intervention and traces cycles of decay and renewal.

His work combines topographical observation with other references: personal, cultural, political, scientific, literary and psychological. Southam’s working method combines the predetermined and the intuitive.

In ‘The Pond at Upton Pyne’ series, taken from 1996 to 2001, Southam captures the maintenance and neglect of a pond that was once a manganese mine in the 1700s. More recently for example, Southam has photographed the cliffs of the English Channel in majestic large-scale works like ‘Senneville-sur-Fecamp’, April (2006).

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