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Musée Grévin by Jules Cheret

Musée Grévin
by Jules Cheret

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Edition Size: Printed at Imprimerie Chaix (Ateliers Chéret), with their address line added to the stone at bottom of right edge.

Sheet Size: 48 x 34 1/4 inches

Reference: 20188


Condition: Pristine

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A superb impression with fresh, brilliant colors printed on a full, untrimmed sheet backed with linen.

Chéret created this poster to advertise a production at the Grévin Museum.  This venue is a Paris original: a waxworks founded around 1880 by caricaturist Alfred Grévin, it included a 500 seat auditorium where live performances were given to supplement the meager income Grévin was making from admissions to the museum part of the operation.  The theater had mirrored walls, and Chéret painted the ceiling.  The presentations included a mix of magic shows, revues and concerts – anything to bring the patrons.  What is perhaps most amazing is that the Musée Grévin is still in business today.

Unlettered proofs such as this one were issued for collectors to hang in their homes rather than to be used as advertising placards on the streets of Paris.  This poster in its lettered state advertised the puppet theater of John Hewitt performed at the Musée Grévin.  There is also a state with variant lettering which announced an artist’s festival of the sort that enlivened Montmartre nights with costume parades. 

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