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Hotheads by Julie Heffernan

by Julie Heffernan

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Edition Size: 50 plus proofs

Sheet Size: 20 x 15 inches

Signed In Plate

Condition: Pristine


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Letterpress print on paper with the addition of Japanese mineral pigment editioned on Mullowney Printing’s Vandercook Letterpress. Printed by Paul Mullowney and Erin McAdams in an edition of 50 plus proofs. Printed signature and edition number on the recto. Sheet: 20 x 15 inches unframed. Co-published by BOXBLUR, Catharine Clark Gallery, and Mullowney Printing, San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR.

About Hotheads:

With my body of work “Hotheads,” I am interested in deciphering the language and sub-textual meaning of artworks that I have encountered throughout my career. In doing so, I want to better understand how I have been indelibly shaped through my own passive viewing of a lifetime’s worth of visual information – from classical works in the Western art historical cannon, to a myriad of commercial images, such as signage and news photos to film stills and advertisements. By extension, I want to celebrate women-identified artists, activists, and cultural producers who are often under-recognized or who have been written out of popular discourse. In reclaiming the term “hotheads,” which is frequent used as a pejorative against socially active and activated women, I also wish to celebrate how hotheads dare to flout decorum and authority in their expressions of independent thought and action.

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