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Public Sale by Katherine Vetne

Public Sale
by Katherine Vetne

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Edition Size: 50 plus proofs

Sheet Size: 20 x 15 inches


Condition: Pristine


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Letterpress print on paper using a polymer plate and handset wood type editioned on Mullowney Printing’s Vandercook Letterpress. Printed by Paul Mullowney and Erin McAdams in an edition of 50 plus proofs. Signed and numbered on the recto in pencil. Sheet: 20 x 15 inches unframed. Co-published by BOXBLUR, Catharine Clark Gallery, and Mullowney Printing, San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR.

About Public Sale:

For this project, I wanted to create a broadside that advertises the imagined sale of Dianne Feinstein’s San Francisco mansion, that takes place on the Ides of March. The home has been a site of protests in recent years. Recently, Feinstein was in the news distancing herself from her billionaire husband, who sold significant amounts of stock right before the Covid-19 crisis that began in mid-March. Feinstein’s extreme wealth, gained in large part from property investments, raises questions about her ability to ethically govern in an area with a notorious housing crisis.

I’m interested in her as a complex character: she has one foot squarely rooted in conservative aesthetics of mainstream womanhood, and another deeply invested in accruing and maintaining her own power. Perhaps this contradictory combination, embodied in an iconic Democratic female political leader, re-enforces social and economic inequality rather than challenging it.

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