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Cinzano Vermouth by Leonetto Cappiello

Cinzano Vermouth
by Leonetto Cappiello

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Edition Size: Imp. Lit. Ortega - Valencia (España)

Sheet Size: 139.0 x 99.0 cm


Condition: Good

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Medium: Vintage lithograph poster, linen backed, plate signed.

Good To Know: Linen backed, stretched on wooden box frame, condition report available upon request.

Arty-Fact: What the horse did for Chocolat Klaus, the zebra did for Cinzano – and for Cappiello. With a highly respected, long-established firm from his native country endorsing his unorthodox approach to advertising, he was now universally honoured as a pioneer of the new bold wave of product publicists. Jacques Vienot declared it a revolutionary poster and announced that 1910 “was not only an important date in the career of Cappiello, but an important year in the history of the art of the poster.”

The Cinzano family appears to have been involved in the making of alcoholic beverages in Turin since at least the 16th century. In 1757, three Cinzano brothers legitimised the business by obtaining a license to make “brandy.” The potion they put on the market, however, was what is generally regarded as the predecessor to vermouth, prepared from grapes, cinnamon, mugwort, dittany, gentian and a few other select ingredients. The company prospered, and in more recent times, it was Enrico Cinzano (1840 – 1902) who expanded it to all corners of the globe. Cappiello’s poster in 1910 created for Cinzano an instant image / product association with the public; shrewd enough to recognise that, the progressive firm used his talents again and again, and even twenty years down the road, when they merged with Florio, they called on him and used the association to their advantage with a second zebra.

Source: “Cappiello– The Posters Of Leonetto Cappiello” by Jack Rennett, 2004

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