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L’Heure de L’Observatoire Les Amoreux by Man Ray

L’Heure de L’Observatoire Les Amoreux
by Man Ray

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Edition Size: From an unknown edition size

Sheet Size: 74 x 64 cm


Condition: Pristine


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This image became one of Man Ray’s most popular. He employed several mediums: black and white photography; a monumental colour format in the 1960s, and then finally creating a photolithograph that features at the top of this poster.

“The red lips floated in a gray-blue sky, above a crepuscular landscape where one could see, on the horizon, an observatory and its two domes, like breasts, barely suggested in the half-light. It is a feeling I got from my daily walks in the Luxembourg gardens. Probably due to their dimensions, the two lips resembled two bodies embracing. It was very Freudian”.
(Man Ray, Autoportrait, Actes sud, 1998, pp. 334-335)


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