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Bandiera bianca by Marco Neri

Bandiera bianca by Marco Neri

Composition Gallery

Mixed Media


Sheet Size: 120 × 120 cm


Condition: Pristine

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Canvas framed on wood
Ref: LS124

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The Artist

Marco Neri

Marco Neri, born in 1968 in Forlì, Italy, and residing in Torriana, Rimini, stands out as an artist who has successfully resisted the lure of technology, deeply rooting his practice in the tradition of Italian painting. Reflecting a dialogue with Italy’s visual landscapes akin to predecessors like Sironi and Morandi, Neri’s work, active from the late 1990s, explores a conceptual depth unique to his era. His artworks, recognizable for their geometric simplicity and monolithic forms, span themes of architecture, landscape, and portraiture. Through his exploration of painting’s horizontal evolution, Neri seeks a “state of grace,” aiming for an introspective analysis and the pursuit of evident truths, mirroring the universal quest for meaning both in art and in life.

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