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road sign poetry/the future is here by Masha Kechaeva

road sign poetry/the future is here
by Masha Kechaeva

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Edition Size: 50 plus proofs

Sheet Size: 20 x 15 inches


Condition: Pristine


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Letterpress print on paper and handset wood type with the addition of Japanese mineral pigment editioned on Mullowney Printing’s Vandercook Letterpress. Printed by Paul Mullowney and Erin McAdams in an edition of 50 plus proofs. Signed and numbered on the recto in pencil. Sheet: 20 x 15 inches unframed. Co-published by BOXBLUR, Catharine Clark Gallery, and Mullowney Printing, San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR.

About road sign poetry/the future is here:

Masha Kechaeva’s work explores new theatre forms and shapes of performance by соnnecting science and art. The study of rituals, symbols, unconscious memories and dreams is an important part of her artistic research, whether in working on a performance or personal project, Kechaeva’s letterpress print is a continuation of her ongoing Road Sign Poetry Project, which was inspired by billboards that the artist encountered while travelling across the USA. By freeing slogans from the job of selling, the artist finds one voice there. The tone of this voice brings us to very human needs and wants, a snapshot of modern society. This alchemical process, as Kechaeva describes it, transforms the insistent rhythm of the roadside marketing into the poetry of yearning.

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