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Regarding the Schücking Case by Olaf Gulbransson

Regarding the Schücking Case
by Olaf Gulbransson

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Works on Paper


Sheet Size: 30 x 26 cm


Condition: Pristine


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Ink and brush, pencil and watercolour, heightened with white on paper (old mounted on cardboard)
Signed lower right

Reproduced in:
‘Simplicissimus’, 13/20 (1908), p.333 (front page) with the following caption: “Voriges Jahr hatten Durchlaucht doch in Norderney immer eine schwarz-weiß-rote Hose an?“ – “Ja, das Rot hat nicht Farbe gehalten bei dem vielen Schwimmen.

The Artist’s Estate

Between 1903 and 1944 Olaf Gulbransson was one of the main contributors of the satirical magazine Simplicissimus, which was published in Munich. In his caricatures he comments on both general and short-term political topics, while his humour is never hurtful or caustic. Gulbransson’s graphic-linear pictorial approach is characterized by strong shortages, unusual perspectives and extreme overstretching or shortening. The viewer therefore often has to supply mentally the missing parts. Gulbransson is one of the most important German caricaturists of the 20th century. His work has been presented in a museum bearing his name in Tegernsee, Bavaria, since 1966.

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