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  • Das Evangelium nach Matthäus (The Gospel according to Matthew) by Otto Dix

Das Evangelium nach Matthäus (The Gospel according to Matthew)
by Otto Dix

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Lithograph print


Edition Size: 1,366/2,000

Reference: Reference: "Otto Dix: Das Graphische Werk" (Karsch) - No. 235-267, page 227-246


Condition: Pristine


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The complete book of 33 original lithographs on smooth white offset paper by German artist Otto Dix (1891-1969) titled “Das Evangelium nach Matthäus (The Gospel according to Matthew)”, 1960. Unsigned edition. Hand numbered in back. Limited edition: 1,366/2,000. Printed in black from zinc plates by Klibor and published by Käthe Vogt Verlag both in Berlin, Germany. Book binding by Wübben & Co, cover and graphic design by Reinhart Braun both also in Berlin, Germany. The complete 107 page book includes 33 original lithographs, 25 of which are are full page size, and text of the ‘Book of Matthew’. Reference: “Otto Dix: Das Graphische Werk” (Karsch) – No. 235-267, page 227-246. Provenance: private collection – Windhagen, Germany. Overall book size: 11.75″ x 9.38″. Each sheet size: 11.38″ x 9″. Some light wear to outer dust jacket associated with age, otherwise the inside and all works are in excellent condition. Rare.

The complete tirage is as follows:
1. 30 signed and numbered examples on Japan paper (37 prints, 4 extra states)
2. 2,000 book edition on white offset paper
2a. 1-100 in Saffiano Leather signed by Dix
2b. 101-400 bound in half-parchment signed by Dix
2c. 401-2,000 bound in linen unsigned (*Our example offered here.)

The titles of the 33 works are “Abraham and Isaac”, “Wise Men Visit the Christ Child”, “Flight to Egypt”, “Massacre of the Innocents in Bethlehem”, “Baptism of Jesus”, “The Temptation”, “Calling of Peter”, “Sermon on the Mount”, “Stilling the Storm”, “Healing of the Two Demonics”, “Healing of Jarius’s daughter”, “Healing of the Blind”, “Towns and Villages”, “Sign of Jonah”, “Beheading of John the Baptist”, “Feeding the Five Thousand”, “Healing of the Lepers”, “Transfiguration of Jesus”, “Coin in the Mouth of the Fish”, “The Greatest in Heaven-Children”, “Entering Jerusalem”, “The Ten Virgins”, “The Sacrificial Lamb”, “The Last Supper”, “Gethsemane”, “The Capture of Jesus”, “Betrayal of Peter”, “King of the Jews”, “Scoffing”, “Carrying the Cross”, “Crucifixion”, “Angel at Tomb”, and lastly “Go Therefore into the World”.

In “Das Evangelium nach Matthäus”, Otto Dix tells the story of the Book of Matthew. The cycle commences with an interpretation of the Sacrifice of Isaac as it looks forward to the work of the Savior, but the life of Jesus begins with the Adoration of the Maji, then it moves through his ministry and focuses on the Passion. Interestingly Otto Dix ends the series with an image entitled, “Go Therefore into the World”, acknowledging that the work of Christ continues as we proclaim his redemption.

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