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Femme assise en tailleur: Genevieve Laporte by Pablo Picasso

Femme assise en tailleur: Genevieve Laporte
by Pablo Picasso

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Edition Size: Numbered 107 from the edition of 180. There were also 12 artists proofs.

Image Size: 14.4 x 10 cm

Sheet Size: 56 x 63 (framed) cm

Reference: Baer 888 II A Patrick Cramer “The Illustrated Books” Number 147 (Pages 354/5)


Condition: Excellent


Details — Click to read
Original drypoint etching with burin, on Japon nacre paper, 23rd August 1951, second state. Signed (bottom right) and numbered (bottom left) in the margin, in pencil.
Genevieve Laporte (1926 – 30 March 2012) was a French philanthropist, filmmaker, artist’s model, poet and author of sixteen books. She was best known for being one of Pablo Picasso’s last lovers during the 1950s. In 2005 she auctioned off 20 of Picasso’s works which had been given to her, many of them portraits. She met Picasso as a teenager during World War II, finding common ground in poetry. She was in her mid twenties when the affair began in 1951, although Picasso was nearly 50 years older than she and had recently fathered two children with Francoise Gilot.

Some art historians and museums carrying Picasso’s work have dubbed the paintings he made around that time the “Genevieve Period”, as many of them feature symbolic tributes to his model and muse as well as dedications “To Genevieve”. Picasso wanted Laporte to move in with him after Gilot left him in 1953, but she refuse which, she was told by Jean Cocteau, “saved her skin”. In 1959, she married a fellow Parisian resistance fighter instead. The cancelled plate is in the collection of the Musee Picasso, Paris.

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