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A Hundred Shades Of Ink Of Edo: Yoshitoshi’s Ghost by Paul Binnie

A Hundred Shades Of Ink Of Edo: Yoshitoshi’s Ghost
by Paul Binnie

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Edition Size: 39/100

Sheet Size: 42.5 x 29 cm


Condition: Pristine


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the background printed with sumi ink bokashi of baren swirls, the series title cartouche in gold pigment in the upper right margin, the print title to the left with the first portion, Yoshitoshi no, in the style of Yoshitoshi’s signature, and a grotesque Okame representing the bakemono, signed in gold kanji, Bin-ni, with artist’s skull-shaped seal that forms the letters Binnie, numbered and signed in pencil on the bottom margin, 39/100 Paul Binnie; ca. July 2004

dai oban tate-e 16 3/4 by 11 3/8 in., 42.5 by 29 cm

The central tattoo on the figure’s back is derived from Tsukioka Yoshitoshi’s (1839-1892) Mount Yoshino midnight-moon –Iga no Tsubone, 1886, from his series, One Hundred Aspects of the Moon. Binnie depicts the winged ghost with bloody embellishments, and playfully removes what was in Yoshitoshi’s original design the title cartouche from the demon’s hand and replaces it with the beauty Iga no Tsubone’s severed head. On the figure’s left hip, Binnie depicts the shrieking red demon of Yoshitoshi’s 1889 Sadanobu Threatening a Demon in the Palace at Nightfrom the series New Forms of Thirty-Six Ghosts. Finally, rising from the censor’s smoke is the ghost of Yugao, Genji’s mysterious lover, from Yoshitoshi’s 1886 The Yugao Chapter from the Tale of Genji, which is also from the One Hundred Aspects of the Moon series.

Paul Binnie: A Dialogue with the Past – The First 100 Japanese Prints, 2007, p. 118, no. 81

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