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The Steps at Black’s Beach: Sunset by Paul Binnie

The Steps at Black’s Beach: Sunset
by Paul Binnie

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Edition Size: Limited edition of 100

Sheet Size: 41.2 by 29.5 cm


Condition: Pristine


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with artist’s gold seal, Binnie, numbered in pencil on the bottom margin from a limited edition of 100, titled The Steps at Black’s Beach: Sunset, and signed, Paul Binnie, 2020

16 1/4 by 11 5/8 in., 41.2 by 29.5 cm

Black’s Beach is a secluded and somewhat rugged section of shoreline located along the San Diego coast in Southern California. It can be difficult to get to, as it’s located at the base of a steep and unstable cliff, and access is achieved by traversing down the ramshackle steps that are featured in this print. However, the limited accessibility lends the location a greater sense of privacy ideal as a ‘clothing optional’ beach popular with nudists and naturists.

The extreme cropping of the steep steps climbing up the cliff creates a nearly-abstract composition, the scale of which becomes recognizable when one’s eye settles on the seated figure in the left foreground who appears to have wearied from the day’s outing.

Binnie, a recent transplant from not-so-sunny London to oh-so-sunny Southern California, has found inspiration in the vastly different light and palette of his new locale, and belabored over nearly thirty printings of the blocks including special techniques such as bokashi (gradation of color) and gomazuri (sesame seed printing) to capture the colors and hues of the cliffside beach.

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