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Carracci Bacchus by Raqib Shaw

Carracci Bacchus
by Raqib Shaw

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Edition Size: 50

Sheet Size: 43.5 x 52 cm


Condition: Pristine


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Etching a la poupée on 300gsm Somerset Satin White paper.
Signed, dated, numbered and titled on front.

Etching a lapoupée is a method where all the colours are applied to one plate with twists of cloth and the image is printed in one pull.

This edition features a scene taken from one of Raqib Shaw’s most recent paintings, titled The Martyrdom of Icarus (After Honthorstand Carracci), a painting which was partly inspired by Annibale Carracci’s Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne.

Raqib Shaw (b. 1974, Calcutta) is a Kashmiri artist who lives and works in London. He often depicts otherworldly and fantastical scenes with a number of mythological and literary characters that represent puzzling and provocative themes.

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