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Mirror #9 (C.114) by Roy Lichtenstein

Mirror #9 (C.114) by Roy Lichtenstein

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Edition Size: 80

Sheet Size: 39 x 29 3/16 inches


Condition: Pristine

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In “Mirror #9”, Lichtenstein combines his pop-art sensibilities with his abstract painting roots, forming a design using deep blue and lemon yellow Ben-Ray dot patterning. This Lithograph and Screenprint on Special Arjomari Paper is from a limited edition of 80.

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Roy Lichtenstein was a key figure in the pop art movement of the 60’s, known best for imitating images from comic books and advertisements. He ultimately developed a repertoire that encompassed the energy and history of such art styles within a high art context. Lichtenstein himself reflected on 1961, the year he completed Girl with Ball, as when he broke with both his own abstract style and the prevailing taste of the art world. “Although almost anything seemed to be fair subject matter for art,” he recalled, “commercial art and particularly cartooning were not considered to be among those possibilities.” Using a manual process involving hand copying, perforated templates, and tracing projections, Lichtenstein replicated and exaggerated the Ben-Day dot patterning found in mechanical reproduction as a means of marking his style and bringing the commercial into the fine-art world of painting. Throughout his career, Lichtenstein revealed the interdependence of oppositions between reality and artificiality, high art and mass culture, abstraction and figuration, and the manual and mechanical.

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The Artist

Roy Lichtenstein

American artist Roy Lichtenstein is renowned for his comic book inspired paintings. Alongside his peers Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns, he was a leading figure in the Pop Art movement. Originating from a mix of Cubism, Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism, the course of Lichtenstein’s work changed, when his young son challenged him to ‘’paint as good’’ as the pictures in a Mickey Mouse comic book. This influenced his 1961 piece, ‘’Look Mickey’’, which was admired by adults and children alike. Lichtenstein became recognised for his hand painted large pictures, which resembled comic books in their employment of hard edges, flat bright colours and shading through dots.

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