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Untitled 00269 by Sandrine Guérin

Untitled 00269
by Sandrine Guérin

Available at Michael Steinberg Fine Art


Pigment Print


Edition Size: 18

Sheet Size: 39.4 x 33 cm


Condition: Pristine

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“The Family Jewels” is a 1973 report containing responses to a request by then CIA Director James Schlesinger asking agency employees to disclose CIA operations in breach of the CIA’s legal charter. It details illegal CIA operations that date back to the 1950s. It describes the monitoring of journalists, break-ins, the surveillance of antiwar activists, the opening of mail coming from Russia and China during the Cold War, the assassination plots against foreign leaders, the detention of a Russian defector, and includes a manual on how to train foreign police in bomb-making. The report was made public in June 2007 with some sections more heavily redacted than others. Guérin did her own editing of the document, leaving untouched original sections or words and creating “drawings” presented both in a book format and as individual prints.

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