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Describing his mixed-media sculptures as “sensually abstract forms” and his body of work as “A Cosmic Post Contemporary Psychedelic Melodrama,” Sinisa Kukec produces amorphous, shining forms that spring from his consciousness and observations of his surroundings. Using an assortment of materials—including discarded furniture, mirrors, ceramic, paint, epoxy, and neon—he crafts wide-ranging forms that read as funhouse portraits of himself and the contemporary world. Perception—of oneself and one’s surroundings—is key to his practice. By incorporating bright colors, reflective surfaces, fragmented objects, and open-ended words and phrases into his sculptures, he aims to unmoor viewers, demonstrating the constantly shifting nature of perception. Kukec expands upon this with 3PQ, an artistic collaborative he co-founded, which stages collective, experiential art making events that blur the boundaries between art and life, fantasy and reality, the self and others.

(Croatian, b. 1970)

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