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In the Afterworld by Thomas Theodor Heine

In the Afterworld
by Thomas Theodor Heine

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Works on Paper


Sheet Size: 36 x 29 cm


Condition: Pristine


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Black ink and pencil, heightened with white on cardboard
Monogrammed lower left

Reproduced in:
‘Simplicissimus’, 8/19 (1903), p. 145 (title page) with the following caption: “Virgil und Horaz müssen die lateinische Grammatik umlernen, damit sie sich mit Leo XIII. verständigen können.ˮ

From 1896 to 1933 Thomas Theodor Heine was one of the main contributors to the Munich satirical magazine Simplicissimus. In contrast to colleagues such as Ferdinand von Reznicek, Eduard Thöny or Rudolf Wilke, Heine often presented himself with uncommon sharpness in words and pictures. In his caricatures, often published as front page, he openly criticized the social and political grievances in Germany and even provoked a trial for insulting royalty, which resulted in a prison sentence of several months. Such setbacks, however, couldn’t discourage Heine and were even advantageous for the Simplicissimus. After all, it was not only intellectual wit and artistic ambition that establish him as Germany’s leading satirical magazine within a few years, but also spectacular scandals. In 1933 Heine had to leave Germany after the National Socialists came to power. He died in exile in Sweden.

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