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The Eighteen Kabuki Plays: Kamahige
by Torii Kiyotada IV (Tadakiyo)

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Edition Size: n/a

Sheet Size: 35.8 by 24.3 cm


Condition: Excellent


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signed Torii Kiyosada ga with Kiyosada seal and Tadakiyo hitsu with seal Tadakiyo, the actor and role identified below the mimasu-mon ‘three rice measure’ actor’s crest, Soma Masakado, kusei Ichikawa Danjuro, and the role Tawara no Touta identified within a circular cartouche, published by Hasegawa Sumi, 1895

oban tate-e 14 1/8 by 9 5/8 in., 35.8 by 24.3 cm

The actor Ichikawa Danjuro IX (1838-1903) is in the role of Taira no Yoshikado (Soma Masakado) from the play Kamahige. The figure above is an unidentified actor in the role of Tawara no Kotota (Tawara no Touta).

In 1840, Ichikawa Danjuro VII (1791- 1859) compiled a list of 18 kabuki plays, the Kabuki juhachiban, representing the most noteable plays, acts, and scenes in the repertory of the Ichikawa acting-family dynasty. This print series was designed by Kiyotada IV (Tadakiyo, Torii Kotondo’s adoptive father) based on the sketches by his father Torii Kiyosada (1844-1901).

Tokyo Metropolitan Library (archive.library.metro.tokyo.jp), accession no. 5721-C8-16
(inv. no. 10-2069)

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