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Six Selected Actors: Actor Onoe Kikugoro by Toyohara Kunichika

Six Selected Actors: Actor Onoe Kikugoro
by Toyohara Kunichika

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Edition Size: n/a

Sheet Size: 35 by 23.5 cm


Condition: Excellent


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signed Toyohara Kunichika hitsu with Toshidama artist’s seal, publisher’s seal Tori Ichi, Manson han (Yorozuya Magobei of Kineido), carver’s seal Watanabe Ei, date seal Tori-juni (year of the cock [1873], 12th month)

oban tate-e 13 3/4 by 9 1/4 in., 35 by 23.5 cm

The actor Onoe Kikugoro V (1844-1903) is dressed in a lavish blue kimono with a dragon motif. He has strapped to his chest a satchel with a roll of paper, as well as a sword tucked into the robe and a brown umbrella carried overhead. This print is from a onnagata series depicting actors holding a western style umbrella paired with an elaborate uchikake (outer-robe). Western influences entered ukiyo-e prints in many ways, influencing compositional styles, decorative features, and subject matter. This series took popular actors of the day and paired the western accessories with traditional motifs, creating an interesting juxtaposition in the generally traditional kabuki theater.

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