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One Hundred Famous Views Of Edo: Nihonbashi And Edobashi Bridges
by Utagawa Hiroshige

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Edition Size: n/a

Sheet Size: 37.3 by 25.2 cm


Condition: Excellent


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signed Hiroshige ga, the title at the top right, Edo meisho hyakkei: Nihonbashi Edobashi, the publisher’s seal at lower left mergin, Uo-Ei (Sakanaya Eikichi of Uoya), with his address in Shitaya, censor’s seal aratame and date seal Mi-juni (year of the snake [1857], 12th month) at the upper right margin, 1857

oban tate-e 14 5/8 by 9 7/8 in., 37.3 by 25.2 cm

This is a summer view facing east from the Nihonbashi bridge to the Edobashi bridge in the distance. At the lower right foreground we catch a glimps of the fish peddler’s bucket of the famous “first bonito” (hatsugatsuo) fresh to the market in the early summer. The residence of Edo greatly valued the first bonito and would pay handsomely for the opportunity to indulge in this pricy delicacy.

Henry D. Smith II, One Hundred Famous Views of Edo: Illustrations by Hiroshige, George Braziller & Brooklyn Museum of Art, 1986, no. 43
(inv. no. C-1847)

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