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Reisho Tokaido: No. 13, Numazu
by Utagawa Hiroshige

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Edition Size: n/a

Sheet Size: 23.3 by 35.4 cm


Condition: Excellent


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signed Hiroshige ga, censors’ seals Mira and Watanabe, and published by Maruya Seijuro, ca. 1847-1852

oban yoko-e 9 1/8 by 13 7/8 in., 23.3 by 35.4 cm

Matthi Forrer notes that the along the Tokaido road (from Edo to Kyoto) the most impressive view of Mount Fuji is found from the plains of Suruga after passing through the mountains of Hakone. The massive scale of Fuji is emphasized by the tiny ant-like figures working in the fields in the foreground. To the right, the brown thatched homes of Numazu village lie low beside the blue-tiled roofs of its castle, but all are barely distinguishable within the tree line shadowed by a passing cloud. In the distance, the jagged peaks of Mount Ashitaka to the right are diminished by the rising slopes of the towering Mount Fuji.

Matthi Forrer, Hiroshige: Prints and Drawings, 1997, no. 32
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, (mfa.org), accession nos. 21.5109 & 21.5110

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