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X Poster (untitled, 2007, Wg1210), 2018 by Wade Guyton

X Poster (untitled, 2007, Wg1210), 2018
by Wade Guyton

Available at Lougher Contemporary


Digital Print


Edition Size: 100

Sheet Size: 214 x 175 cm


Condition: Pristine

Price on Application

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Wade Guyton is a post-conceptual American artist best known for his monochrome digital paintings made with an Epson inkjet printer. In his early work, Guyton used a desktop printer to lay black X-shapes, which would become his signature mark, over pages taken from interior design catalogues. His work recycles images using inkjet printing, photo silk-screening, and stenciling to imitate abstract paintings.

Produced to scale and in the style of the artist’s renowned inkjet-on-canvas ‘X’ paintings, the edition is a UV curable ink print on paper and folded by hand.

Condition is mint. Sold in original packaging.
Signed and numbered on the front.


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