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Cherry Blossoms At Night In Maruyama Park
by Yoshikawa Kanpo

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ca. 1930



Edition: n/a

Sheet: 29.2 by 43 cm


Condition: Excellent


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dated and signed at upper left (partially obscured in dark bokashi), Taisho juyonen haru (Taisho 14 [1925], spring) Kanpo, followed by publisher’s seal, Heian Sato Sho han (published by Sato Sho[taro]), the title in the right margin, Maruyama no yozakura, followed by another publisher’s seal, Sato ko, second edition, ca. post-1930

dai oban yoko-e 11 1/2 by 16 7/8 in., 29.2 by 43 cm

According to the 1930 Toledo exhibition catalogue, the blocks for this print were carved by Maeda Kentaro (active ca. 1924-61) and printed by Oiwa Tokuzo. The additional publisher seal on the right margin and lack of limited edition seal on verso indicates this is from a later edition printed after the successful Toledo exhibition.

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