A Snapshot Of Prints From 1970


Interesting to see the varying style of prints being produced by some of the world's most important artists in 1970. These artists were associated with different art movements though were all active … [Read more...]

The Different Print Types in Warhol’s Oeuvre

Photo Credit: David McCabe

The Different Print Types in Warhol’s Oeuvre The market value of a Andy Warhol print depends on many aspects — from the color and composition of a piece to its edition size and rarity. Warhol had … [Read more...]

Andy Warhol and his Printers

Gerard Malanga
Photo Credit: David McCabe

The creation of a Warhol screenprint required two major components: Warhol’s creative genius and the printer to execute the idea. Warhol employed various printing studios and individual printers as … [Read more...]

Andy Warhol and The Screenprinting Revolution

Photo Credit: William John Kennedy

This article is part of the Discover Prints series where we share with you interesting articles written by experts that aim to inform and delight you about the world of prints. Andy Warhol and The … [Read more...]