Art Periods – Why Do Artists Have Them?

Visiting Animals Paula Rego

Every notable artist has a distinct style that you can spot across a room – you’d never mistake a Pollack for a Magritte as you wander the halls of the MOMA. Even so, an artist’s work drastically … [Read more...]

Art Prints at the House of Commons – Jealous Gallery Makes a Great Impression

Launching its campaign ‘Our Future Is In The Making: An Education Manifesto for Craft and Making’, the Craft Council and its partners took to the House of Commons on to urge the government to engage. … [Read more...]

Printmaking – Aspinwall Editions – Meet the Printer

Aspinwall Editions

Aspinwall Editions is a fine art printmaking publisher, dealer, and studio with facilities in New York City and Rheine, Germany. Founded in 2012 by Ann Aspinwall and Knut Willich, Aspinwall Editions … [Read more...]

Prints For People Who Understand Expressionism

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Expresssionism

Expressionism first came about in poetry and painting, and was first noticed in Germany around the start of the 20th century. It's a thoroughly modern movement, and the aim of the movement in all its … [Read more...]