Prints For People Who Understand Expressionism

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Expresssionism

Expressionism first came about in poetry and painting, and was first noticed in Germany around the start of the 20th century. It's a thoroughly modern movement, and the aim of the movement in all its … [Read more...]

Woodcut Prints – View 10 Wonderful Examples

9 Blue Diamonds | Yasu Shibata | Aspinwall Editions

A selection of ten woodcut prints listed on Printed Editions. A woodcut print is made from an engraved block of … [Read more...]

Discover Modern Prints

Ernest Ludwig Kirchner

Click on the examples of modern prints for each respective artists: Discover modern prints by five important European modern artists. These modern prints have been listed by and are available from … [Read more...]

Linocut Printmaking

Beekman Place Houses | Woldemar Neufeld | Edward T. Pollack Fine Arts (IFPDA)

Linocut Printmaking A selection of fine linocut prints available on Printed … [Read more...]

Printmaking – Artizan Editions – Meet the Printer

Sally proofing ‘Going Across’ by Bridget Riley

Fine art screenprinters, Artizan Editions, established in 1994 in Brighton have recently moved to new premises in rural Gloucestershire. The studio continues to focus on original printmaking in it’s … [Read more...]