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Art that is being currently produced in the present time is considered to be contemporary art. It is not a set style or movement but instead is continuously changing as the trends in the art world continuously change. Contemporary art is often synonymous with modern art and is developed from post-modern art. Contemporary art refers to a timeframe which incorporates a number of artist movements that have begun, ending or development in current times.

Modern art refers to most of the artworks produced between the 1860s and 1970s. The modern art period was a highly experimental time period where most traditional techniques and skills were tossed aside as artist began to experiment more. Modern art gave new perspective and ideas of how the artist saw the world and utilized the materials to create the artwork. Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, and Marcel Duchamp were some of the most famous modern artists of the time. The art movements in this time period range from romanticism and impressionism to Cubism, neo- expressionism, Pop art, and photorealism.

Postmodern art is a movement that reacts against or rejects a modern trend. There is a juxtaposition between high and low forms of art and often times merging pop culture imagery with industrial materials. Some of the major art movements classified as postmodern art include new Classicism, Conceptual art, Installation art, Performance art, Digital art, Multimedia art, Neo-expressionism and many others.

Contemporary art is considered what is created in our lifetime and this lead to vary lifespans. Currently, contemporary art can be dated back to the 1970's and up until the current day. In this time frame, some of the most notable art movements include Postmodernism, feminist art, neo-conceptualism, neo-expressionism, new image painting and transavantgarde which all began in the 1970's. In the 1980's artistic movement such as Neue Wilde, neo-geo, multiculturalism, the graffiti movement and neo-pop all began to take shape. Neo-art, massurrealism, toyism, low brow, tiki art, bitterism, and stuckism began in the 1990's and thinkism and funism are the most recent movement that began at the beginning of the 2000's.

Some of the most notable contemporary artist of our generation or alive today include Ed Ruscha is notable known for his unique word creations and displays. Yayoi Kusama crafted hundreds of fiberglass pumpkin sculptures which attracted plenty of attention. Vik Muniz utilizes innovative techniques in his artworks from miscopy drawings of grains of sand to images of bacterial cells. Richard Serra is most famously known for is large-scale steel sculpture.

Most times the contemporary art timeframe will overlap with a previous art time period as it does now with modernism. Currently is believed that there may be another decade left in this contemporary time frame, but as of recent, there has been no ground breaking ingenious artistic movement to push the art world forward.

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