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Der Narr (the Fool)

Erich Heckel

Galerie Hochdruck

About Galerie Hochdruck

Vienna's only art gallery specialising in old master, modern and contemporary prints from the 15th century to the present day. The German word "Hochdruck" means both "relief print" and also "high pressure". The word also describes the way in which someone does something with a lot of enthusiasm. Thus, Galerie Hochdruck would like to present its complete inventory both to aficionados of printmaking and to collectors who are interested in acquiring prints and collectibles related to printmaking. Galerie Hochdruck features European and International original prints, including Japanese prints. We also offer a great number artists' portfolios, artists' and illustrated books, catalogues, booklets, art journals with original prints, artists' posters and secondary literature about printmaking. The gallery has a special focus on the relief printing techniques woodcut, wood engraving, linocut and relief etching but also boasts rarely seen examples of relief printing like metalcut, papercut and wallcut as well as a representative stock of master engravings, etchings, lithographs and screenprints. Modern art movements represented are Vienna Secession, Art Nouveau, Japonism, Expressionism, Surrealism and Abstract Art. Fine prints of both young and renowned contemporary artists are regularly shown in special exhibitions.