Don Gorvett Gallery

Don Gorvett opened his gallery in 2006 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to show his woodcuts and drawings as well as other artist’s works. The Don Gorvett Gallery is located in the historical Merchant’s Row warehouses overlooking the Piscataqua River. For many years Don’s printmaking studio shared space within the gallery, introducing visitors to the reduction woodcut process.

Late in 2019, Mr. Gorvett moved the printmaking portion of the gallery to the historic Beacon Marine Basin, overlooking Gloucester Harbor in Gloucester, Ma. The new studio provides significantly more space in which to continue his work in the woodcut medium, and additional space for a second gallery in which guests can further explore Mr. Gorvett’s work and the work of other contemporary artists and printmakers. The new Don Gorvett Gallery + Studio in Gloucester enables the artist to rediscover Cape Ann’s tremendous artistic inspiration after a thirty-year hiatus.

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Some of the artists available at Don Gorvett Gallery