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About us

Actually it is not about us, it is about you.


As ‘the’ online marketplace for prints, we connect art collectors, connoisseurs and general enthusiasts, with leading print dealers and print studios. We have been doing this since 2010.


Our focus is on promoting and showcasing 500 years of prints by both known and undiscovered artists.


We are the UK’s leading online marketplace that collectors go to source fine prints. 

About Our Gallery Members

And it’s about our member galleries.


Our members are experts in their respective fields, and include primary and secondary markets dealers, publishers and master printers.


Members specialise in prints in particular genres or printmaking techniques.


All members are very approachable to give you any advise and help to acquire artworks you are looking for.


Printed Editions has established long term partnerships with several established print fairs and publications that focus on prints and printmaking.

Official Media Sponsor | London Original Print Fair 2024


Official Media Sponsor | Ink Miami Art Fair 2023


“I’ve always loved and appreciated art and there has always been something about printmaking that has drawn me in.


The draftsmanship of some of the Old Master prints created 500 years ago is truly outstanding and arguably has never been surpassed; the fluidity, warmth and depth of early modern prints to the vibrancy, passion and rawness of post-war and contemporary art, constantly triggers my emotions.

The fact that many of the greatest artists, including virtually every celebrated 20th century artist, have created prints shows how much they value and view printmaking as an important art form it its own right.”

Michael Lieberman, Founder

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